College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia (CRNNS)

Staff Directory
1.800.565.9744 (Toll free in NS)

Executive Office

Sue Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Registrar   
Ext. 223

Shelley Farouse, Executive Assistant
Ext. 223

Hillary MacEachern, Communications Consultant
Ext. 231

Jane Wilson, Communications Consultant
Ext. 203

Corporate Services

Colleen Arnold, Director
Ext. 235

Susan Crowe, Finance Officer
Ext. 234

Sheri MacLellan, Corporate Services Assistant
Ext. 252

Karen Mahoney, Multimedia Designer
Ext. 243

Song Peng, Technology Applications Specialist 
Ext. 253

Lee Whynot, Technology & Information Systems Officer
Ext. 237

Lidia Zykova
Records Management Analyst
Ext. 251

Professional Conduct & Registration Services

Heather Totton, Director
Ext. 241

Karen Boutilier, Administrative Assistant 
Ext. 232

Ann Marie Cameron, Registration Officer
Ext. 239

Matthew Lafond, Professional Conduct Consultant
Ext. 245

Krista Mosher, Registration Services Assistant
Ext. 221

Darlene Mott, Professional Conduct Consultant
Ext. 227

Elizabeth Parenteau, Professional Conduct and Policy Consultant
Ext. 291

Cathy Rose, Policy Consultant, Registration Services
Ext. 225

Shelly Spears, Registration Services Assistant
Ext. 249

Haley Young, Administrative Assistant
Ext. 222


Policy, Practice & Legislation Services

Teri Crawford, Director
Ext. 242

Jennifer Best, Practice Consultant
Ext. 256

Clare Brown, Practice Consultant (CNE Telehealth Coordinator)
Ext. 226

Trent MacIsaac, Practice Consultant
Ext. 250

Darlene Martin, Administrative Assistant
Ext. 224

Lynn Miller, Policy Consultant
Ext. 228

Crystal Morgan, Administrative Assistant
Ext. 255

Paula Prendergast, Policy Consultant
Ext. 244