Welcome to the e-leaRNing Centre

Program LogoIn the fall of 2007, College staff met to determine alternate approaches in the delivery of educational sessions for registered nurses. To meet the learning needs of RNs now and in the future, staff believe the College should offer education in a variety of ways (in person, audio, video, paper) and be open to new methods of delivery such as pod-casts, internet videos, on-line modules, and games for learning that are flexible, on demand, and interactive.

In February 2008 a needs assessment was distributed to over 7000 registered nurses in Nova Scotia. Overall there was interest in participating in electronic-based learning as long as it was available 24/7, there was interest in the topic, and there was time to attend. RNs also indicated a willingness to take advantage of learning opportunities on their days off if employer support was available to do so.
Partnering with the Nova Scotia Community College means that e-learning opportunities can be developed for registered nurses in a format that is easy to use with technical support and facilitator availability. With this support in place, we encourage you to make e-learning your approach of choice when taking advantage of professional development through the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia.

Questions regarding the e-leaRNing program? Contact elearning@crnns.ca