Licence Status Check

The licence status search tool will provide you with confirmation of licence status with the College of Registered Nurses.  To review the list of nurses who currently hold an active-practising licence, nurse practitioner licence or temporary licence with the College (i.e., licensed to practise in Nova Scotia in the years noted) choose one of the following categories:

To review the status of an individual, enter their first or last name or a registration number in the search tool below.

If the licence status includes the term  "conditions", "restrictions", or "conditions and restrictions", press "click here" to review the conditions and/or restrictions currently in effect along with any previous licensing sanctions.

An "*" appears beside each licence. Click on the "*" to see if any previous licensing sanctions exist.

Multiple registration numbers can be checked at the same time
by entering the registration number separated by a comma.

Status Search Tool
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(Enter the first or last name or a registration number; then choose category from dropdown)

The College's licensure year is from
November 1 to October 31.