A Report to the Community

2012 In Review

Finding a nurse

Keeping you safe
The role of the College is to regulate the practice of nursing in the public interest. One of its core functions is to review and take appropriate action on complaints received about nurses' practice or behaviour.

Getting involved
There are many ways in which the public can participate in the work of the College and its initiatives.  Members and the public are needed to fill positions on various College committees and on Council.

Information about registered nurses

  • Today's Nurses
    a brochure that explains the differences in the educational preparation and responbilities of the three categories of nurses in Nova Scotia
  • Becoming a Registered Nurse - Requisite Skills & Abilities
    This document is designed to inform potential nursing students, admission officers, nursing faculties, disability and equity officers, and the general public of the general demands and performance expectations of registered nurses in Nova Scotia.

Information about nurse practitioners

  • Nurse Practitioners
    a brochure that highlights who nurse practitioners are, where they work, and what you can expect of their practice

Looking for something else?
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